The Siachen GlacierThe roots of the conflict over Siachen (the place of roses) lie in the non-demarcations on the western side on the map beyond NJ9842. The 1949 Karachi agreement and the 1972 Simla agreement presumed that it was not feasible for human habitation to survive north of NJ9842. Piror to 1984 neither India nor Pakistan had any permanent presence in the area.

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Time Magazine: War at the Top of the World

Siachen Area Kashmir Map

  • In spite of the severe climate, the word `Siachen` ironically means `the place of wild roses`.
  • The glacier is the highest battleground on Earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since 1984.
  • Siachen is the world’s largest non-polar glacier, and thus is sometimes referred to as the third pole.

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S i a c h e n

G l a c i e r

is located in the East Karakoram/Himalaya, at approximately 35.5° N 76.9° E. It is one of the five largest glaciers in the Karakoram, situated at an average altitude of 5,400 meters (~17,700 feet) above sea level. Most of the Siachen Glacier as is the LoC, a hotly contested territory between Pakistan and India.The Siachen glacier lies South of the great watershed that separates Central Asia from the Indian subcontinent, and Pakistan from China in this region. The 78 km long Siachen glacier lies between the Saltoro ridge line to the west and the main Karakoram range to the east. The Saltoro ridge originates from the Sia Kangri peak in the Karakoram range and the altitudes range from 5500 to 7300 m (18,000 to 24,000 feet). The major passes on this ridge are Sia La at 6100 m (20,000 ft) and Bila Fond La at 5800 m (19,000 ft).Understand Kashmir through these books | Siachen Glacier Satellite Image

War at the Top of the WorldThawing relations between India and Pakistan have brought a cease-fire to the strife-torn Siachen Glacier.Will hostilities remain on ice?

What is the guarantee that some future Pakistani general/president will not re-occupy Siachen with ‘freedom fighters’? And a future Indian government will not ask the armed forces to take back the Soltoro ridge?

Conflict Zone

The glacier is located in the disputed Kashmir region and is claimed by India and Pakistan. In spite of the severe climate, the word `Siachen` ironically means `the place of wild roses`, a reference some people attribute to the abundance of Himalayan wildflowers found in the valleys below the glacier, but specifically refers to the thorny wild plants which grow on the rocky outcrops. The glacier is also the highest battleground on Earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since 1984. Both countries maintain permanent military personnel on the glacier at a height of over 7,000 metres. The site is a prime example of mountain warfare. The glacier`s melting waters are the main source of the Nubra River, which falls into the Shyok River. The Shyok in turn joins the Indus River, crucial to both India and Pakistan.The roots of the conflict over Siachen lie in the non-demarcation of the cease-fire line on the map beyond a map coordinate known as NJ9842. The 1949 Karachi agreement and the 1972 Simla Agreement presumed that it was not feasible for human habitation to survive north of NJ9842. Prior to 1984 neither India nor Pakistan had any permanent presence in the area.
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In the 1970s and early 1980s Pakistan permitted several mountaineering expeditions to climb high peaks on this glacier. This was to reinforce their claim on the area as these expeditions arrived on the glacier with a permit obtained from the Government of Pakistan. Once having become aware of this in about 1978, Colonel N. Kumar of the Indian Army mounted an Army expedition to Teram Kangri peaks as a counter-exercise. The first public mention of a possible conflict situation was an article by Joydeep Sircar in The Telegraph newspaper of Calcutta in 1982, reprinted as “Oropolitics” in the Alpine Journal, London,in 1984. India launched Operation Meghdoot (named after the divine cloud messenger in a Sanskrit play) on 13 April 1984 when the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force went into the Glacier. Pakistan, which had also gotten wind of it quickly responded with troop deployments and what followed was literally a race to the top. Within a few days, the Indians were in control over most of the glacier as Pakistan were beaten by just a week. The two passes due to Indian military pre-emption – Sia La and Bilfond La were secured by India while the Gyong La pass remained under Pakistan control. Since then both sides have launched several attempts to displace each others forces, but with little success.

Current situation

The Indian Army controls a few of the top-most heights, holding on to the tactical advantage of high ground, however with Pakistani forces in control of Gyong La pass, Indian access to K-2 and other surrounding peaks has been blocked effectively and mountaineering expeditions to these peaks continue to go through with the approval of the Government of Pakistan. The situation is as such that Pakistanis cannot get up to the glacier, while the Indians cannot come down. Presently India holds two-thirds of the glacier and commands two of the three passes including the highest motorable pass – Khardungla Pass. Pakistan controls Gyong La pass that overlooks the Shyok and Nubra river Valley and India`s access to Leh district. The battle zone comprised an inverted triangle resting on NJ 9842 with Indira Col and the Karakoram Highway as the other two extremities. Every year more soldiers are killed because of severe weather than enemy firing. The two sides have lost close to 4,000 personnel primarily due to frostbites, avalanches and other complications. Both nations have 150 manned mirroring outposts along the glacier, with some 3,000 troops each. Official figures for maintaining these outposts are put at ~$300 and ~$100 million for India and Pakistan respectively. The Indians rely on helicopters made indigenously, which are probably the only choppers that can reach such heights, whereas Pakistan has simplified the logistical nightmare by building roads and paths to all of its positions across the glacier. India has also built the world`s highest helipad on this glacier at a place called Sonam, which is 21,000 feet above the sea level, to serve the area and ensure that her troops are kept supplied via helicopter support (adding to considerable cost).During her tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms Benazir Bhutto, visited Gyong La pass making her the first premier from either side to vist the glacier. On June 12, 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the glacier calling for a peaceful resolution of the problem. In the previous year, the President of India, Abdul Kalam became the first head of state to visit the area. India based Jet Airways plans to open a chartered service to the glacier`s nearest airlink, the Thoise airbase, mainly to fly the soldiers. Pakistan`s PIA flies tourists and trekkers daily to Skardu, which is the jumping off point for K2, although bad weather frequently grounds these scheduled flights.The glacier`s melting waters are the source of the river Indus, a vital water source for both India and Pakistan. Global warming has had its worst impact here in the Himalayas with the Glacier melting at an unprecedented rate.On average, one Pakistani soldier is killed every fourth day, while one Indian soldier is killed every other day. Over 1,300 Pakistani soldiers have died on Siachen between 1984 and 1999. According to Indian estimates, this operation had cost India over Rs. 50 billion and almost 2,000 personnel casualties till 1997. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions.

Courtesy: wikipedia.com and other sources

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  1. leave siachen , in a country like india where millions of people are dying in hunger , you are spending billions for a piece of ice….(edited)

  2. i respect for all those indian soldiers who lost there lives in siachen
    as per my knowledge it is the toughest place where soldier fight not merely with there enemy but with the climate and as per info and war 2/3 part is of india and rest of paki’s and k-2 and important high peaks are in control of india thought the fight is on from many years anything can happen there
    by reading this all i do want to visit there but it is almost imposible for a common man of india to visit there (if any one known any way pl tell me)
    i pray to my krishna that give my indian soldiers power to fight there from pakis and weather. i really got emotional reading the article and if i got a chance of visiting siachen i will visit it at any cost

  3. stop blaming each other ! I never understand this fact when Pakistani and Indians can live in a same community in other countries like usa canada uk then what’s the problem to live a peaceful life.??
    Don’t blame religion some guys said that religion is the main cause of everything I’m disagree from this point of view! t\terrorist are not Muslims they called them Muslims but they didn’t belong to any religion they are paid for spreading terror !Siachen issue can only be solved if Pakistan and India thinhs about the precious life of human being.those who are dying in Siachen are not terrorist they are human beings .Think about it.

  4. Firstly people, especially Pakistanis, stop this religious bullshit. All this religious crap that Pakistanis are taught all life is the most important contributor to all the mess that the nations find themselves in. Blinded by religion, nobody in this world can think sensibly. So, please eradicate religion from your minds while discussing mutual affairs.

    Now, no Pakistani can claim Siachen as a ‘default part’ of Pakistan, for it never was! Oropolitics by Pakistan led to the conflict before India occupied it. Be it Kashmir in 1947 or Siachen in the 1980s, it was Pakistan’s fetish for this entire region that has seen wars result. Pakistan only had invaded this region on each occasion, leading to retaliation by India! Of course, in 1947, India had wished that the Maharaja acceded to India and that’s why the latter’s request to India to protect Jammu and Kashmir against Pakistani invaders was gleefully acknowledged by India on the condition of accession!

    Siachen too was an area of interest of both sides! Who wouldn’t want to have all heights by his side? This time again, it was Pakistan who started it all. Impatient and always willing to wage the shitty religion-based band, it thought the Muslim-dominated Kashmir could be annexed if Siachen was occupied. It failed again, and once more lost to India the land which otherwise belonged to neither!

    So, fellow Pakistanis and Indians, let us not fight over Kashmir issue. Both the nations want this region on their map. Pakistan always started the issue, but India too willing to grab the entire region was on every occasion happy only to retaliate, not earn a bad name and in process do hat it has, like Pakistan always wished to do- get the whole of Kashmir! We both have been cunning, except that Pakistan has on every occasion gone ahead with its misadventures.

    Let us be content with whatever Kashmir we possess. We must know that Kashmir is barely a minute fraction of the entire territory of this region. The Ladakh region- the largest, is not Muslim-dominated, but has a Buddhist majority. The Kashmir region, most of which is already with Pakistan as Gilgit and Azad Kashmir, is the Muslim dominated land. Jammu, in India is Hindu dominated. So we have the demarcation that Pakistanis want! Muslims with Pakistan and non-Muslims (except the tiny Kashmir Valley) with India! Why then all this fuss?????

    Let the LoC define all our mutual affairs! Let Kashmiris on both sides interact. Let us not move an inch from where we currently are! Let peace prevail!

  5. bheek mein di hue zameen n paisa k uper mat udu pakistanio. even History says Every ” MUSLIM ” is not terrorist but EVERY ” TERRORIST ” are “MUSLIM”. Y..? any Answer to this question.Kaum kis kaum ki baat kerte ho. pehale apna ghar sambhalo.Few muslims are very good in india but few r waste as u influence dem.even few politician supports u all guyz. n fucking thing is v r unable to do anything wd those mother fucking swines .Hatts off to INDIAN ARMY. JAI HIND

  6. this siachin issue is neither the mitake of pak,nor india…it is beacuse of misundertanding b/w two nations…untill the development of trusty relationship,siachin should b with UN…

  7. The Britishers fooled us by dividing nation. Neither muslims got any thing not Hindus. all of us should understand that the muslims in Pakistan or India were nt came from Arabia. the became muslims becuas eof various reasons. The problem is not sicahen the problems is the way the two nations were created based on religion.

  8. We salute all officers and jawans of Indian army/ kumaon regiment, Gen. pn hoon and indian airforce and entire military leadership who made us to feel proud after achiving victory at siachin and forced the enemy to lick the dust.You are our real heroes, we respect and salute you from the core of our heart.May GOD shower HIS all blessings upon you and your family members. JAI HIND


  10. This is all done by Indian army our Pakistani soldiers are fighting over there just because of indian troops.Indian govt dont want to go from that area because they want to capture 5 highest peaks in the region which are under Pakistan control so i just say that without talking of Pakistan u Indian must remember that this war was started by Indians not by Pakistanis if they draw back their forces then Pakistan will also return their forces from there”hma ap logo ki trah koi mooot to nai pari hoi ha k hm wha ja k apna mulk ka paisa zaea kran India na hmasha Pakistan toorna ka socha ha islea hma apni hifazat k lea wha army rakhi wi ha agar aik ghanta k lea wha sa army Pakistan hta da to ya [edited…]

  11. The fact is that each and every millimeter of Pakistani land belongs to Hindustanis- forget the Siachen [edited…]

  12. He people,
    The problem is not about who is right or wrong in claiming siachen.
    The problem is that the British did not draw the borders properly when they left us to take care of our countries. Lets accept the fact that both our countries were shamefully ruled by a bunch of Bristisher’s for 2 centruries before being given freedom – especially the freedom u guys have now to talk about each other. Dont get into unneccesary arguments. Pakistan or for that reason Afghanistan or iraq or iran have too many domestic issues which keep them away from becoming a more safer and livable place. Indian has its own problem of population and nation struggling to get a good leader for development. Indians dont have time to think about siachen because we are all busy making this country a super power third to US and China. Paksitan was really good in economy earlier and they could have easily become a developed nation like malaysia which is also a muslim nation. But you guys are so divided as sunnis and shias, you have afghan’s infliction their fundamentalism in north west. We hear atleast one major terrorist attack almost twice every month in pakistan. Guys, start worrying about larger issues in pakistan than some non livable peak where u cannot make your country men live here even if India gives it away. India has more muslims than in pakistan and second highest population. A R rehman is the most famous music director in our country. Please stop talking based on some exceptional incidents. India is more safer,more democratic and big religions like muslim/sikhs/Jains/buddhists live in harmony. If you guys dont know, I invite you to come and see our cities. Also, 50% of successful bollywood heroes are muslims. Our country will be a better place for even pakistan muslims. So, dont have a false opinion that pakistan is going to gain anything out of claiming back siachen. Lastly, we are all humans and world is facing more destruction because of pollution and global warming. These things killing millions every year compared to what Indian army can. Wake up to real problems and let Siachen remain a uninhabitable terrain where both countried keep spending money. Its too early to ask either of the conntries to withdraw form the glacier. the confidence levels have gone down drastically after the movement of pakistanis cross the Kargi LOC. Give Indians some decades before we can believe your leader’s and extremist organizations start thinking about peace. We are not against you. You seem to be lacking a leader. Can you answer a simple question. who rules your country? President, army chief, terroists in north west, shia leaders, sunni leaders. In india we have a democratic system where 18 crore muslims are given rights to choose a their leaders and our prime minister & parliment is the only one who has ultimate power. Pakistan 1st needs to settle domestic issues before worrying about India. You guys forget that India is not a Hindu countrt but a multi regigious democracy where there are more muslims who have been given rights to have their own law with respect to family/religious aspects. Muslims are also given subsidy to travel to Haj by Indian Government. If you really get to know whats is the state of muslims in india by living here, you will wish that you were born in India. We call it karma in Hindusim. Its your bad karma that you were born on the wrong side of the LOC. Good luck to make pakistan a stable state with one leader and no influence of extremists form afghanistan.

  13. and last thing,for your knowlege,rotten eggs,from ur place,all r here or in UK.,as ur secret seller,Ex army chief,Ex embassador,n many more,but all in all,realize the reality,face the truth,behind all violations,demonstration,burning,damages,ur politicians or rulers r handling,V too have enough strong students ,workers employees power,but our leaders or politicians never used us,,other,international law,any person who,ve been detained,or given penality,cant join senate,congress or elected as rulers,just coz,never had white collar,how can criminal buolt country n give justice?n in most countries,if found gulity,they them self regisned,coz, they,ve got respect,dignity, disciples .but look within ur country,the last,Everey country have political parties,,where after completion the tearms,its auto transfer to new candidate,but in ur place,its just as kingdom,by generation to generation,from G,G.father to grand son,who,ve been already brain washed.they just use poor ,n innocent peoples,n after through them as dust,how many crises r over there,v knew it very well,those all made by self,but any way,try to face the truth n reality, God Bless US. Bless World

  14. Mr,mujahid , ragard to u n ur family too,did i says u r lower,none of any one is lower,but person or people are the one,made them self,by nature or what so ever,NOne of any one is superior,but Gud God almighty.but yea.when rulers n nations stand as one,n follow the law regardless the rank,post or level that make them higher n superior then others we did learnt during world wars,nam n now in asia,I,ve been in ur country,during 2005,so i observed deeply,during the period of earth quake,n thought why so nice country with natural resourses r geting down?weather U or indian for me they r humans alike,wots matters r between u both,it isnt ma probs.
    n dont think of me,just read the most recent news,its isnt V or other nor U,who brought ur country to this level,Just look at ur leaders,weather oin active duty or not,our leaders weaher president,secretaries or mayor or ex governor,who ever did wrong or harm to country or nations they were penalities or imprisioned,
    and last thing i tells u,parents or books cant give u any knowledge,as the travel life
    God Bless U

  15. I ‘d like to give a personal eg. Five of us went to UK for an exchange visit and met with a contingent from Pak. We were all good friends till the arrival of a single person (i wont say from which side, it is irrelevant) that’s it… Suddenly we were nt talking to each other. It takes centuries to grow a kinship and one poison drop sours it all. Look at the history I see it repeating except that imperialist UK is substituted by neoimperialist US.
    And india is a nation which respects human rights and I m speaking impartially. More number of journalist killing, punishment in the name of religion occurs in pakistan. I watchedthe oscar winning documentary from Pak and I read up about it and felt bad for my sisters in Pak… Not the rich young emotional girls with access to the net but the many who die in their childbirth, killed by their own families etc..
    All this said, I hope I speak for all indians when i say that India is not against human rights of those in Kashmir. But imagine if Pak was facing security threats from a province, for eg say Baluch. Will you grant them freedom just because they are asking? You let the emotions settle, all the external forces neutralised, the security conditions stabilised, and the safety of the weakest sections ensured. These are rational prerequisites for a dialogue.
    And actually I think most of the kashmir wants to be Azad kashmir, NOT a part of Pak. The opportunistic politicians are trying to take the support of Pak. It appears foolish, as kashmir cannot exist as an independent nation – either china or pak or india even will gobble it up. Their best bet is stay in India enjoying their special powers – and remember their development and security is being uncomplainingly paid for by all the indians.
    My request for you people
    1. Dont insult personally – serves no purpose except opening ouselves to the ridicule of international community
    2. Pls keep religion out of it. The comments above scare a normal person and keep propagating the myth that muslims in any country are insecure. They are not. Too much defense of any religion indicates a feeling of insecurity.
    3. Terrorists, if any of you read this or keep posting with different names just to inflame others (i dnt believe that john from US is actually that) BACK OFFF; SOLUTION TO KASHMIRI PROBLEMS CAN ONLY START WHEN IT IS FREE OF TERRORISTS. NO DIALOGUE CAN TAKEE PLACE IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF TERROR.
    India zindabad and Pakistan zindabad too.

  16. I m from India and is very disheartened to see Indians criticising Pakistanis. Development in South Asia is possible only if both countries work together. Most of the Indians do hate the influence of western countries in this region, like US controlling Pak affairs. Moreover opportunistic countries like china and russia are also trying to exploit indopak conflict. If this goes on, I m scared pak will become like Afghanistan and india would be a mute spectator. I commend both govts for trying to reach out. But i hope both peoples would be free of incendiary organizations like ISI or BJP and put logic ahead of emotions.
    Personally i feel as religion seems to be root cause of all the conflict I urge people to put their real neighbors ahead of imaginary rama or allah.

  17. Hi Mujahid,

    good definition for hindustan. But why pakistani goverment(ISI),military support terrorism to kill innocent people. Why pakistan supports Alkaida in the name of jihad. You guys use this word jihad to kill people(pakistanis also).

  18. Dear Vikramjit Singh
    Define Hindu, if u don’t know let me enlighten u. It means people who live in Hindustan so how can u divide ur people in race and religion. All muslims believe in one Allah(bhagwan as u say it) and thinks that everybody should live in harmony, but I think u didn’t know that. So let me formerly invite u to learn about truth and truth shall set u free I fulfill my duty to invite u to accept one Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) as last massenger

  19. Dear mr hunk ohara
    my regards to ur country family and u
    I am a Pakistani and it really concerns me of how u think of my country and region. My fellow south east Asian my ancestors and urs are same. Dear the way u addressed my country shows how well ur country and ur parents groomed u. I respect ur concerns about general public of Pakistan. but my ignorant fellow, you call us bad names and think urself as superior being is it fair. My dear India is a country 10 times larger then Pakistan, u people has kept all other countries dominated just because u r big then y did we got independence from brits. My dear Europe fought two world wars to learn lesson of unity and became Euro, whereas we southeast asians dont learn from others see my fellow u may be a superior being but in india humans do exist so I think by saying bad words about others and thinking urself a superior being has brought us to this level u must appreciate that even bad people like us are giving u a tough time so lets keep irrationality aside and talk peace
    My deepest condolences to ur parents for not teaching u good things about life or u may be a rotten egg amongst ur noble family

  20. india is a so called democratic nation.but it is a fact that india is country where every person of any religion is not free in customs,culture, and perform religious activities. hindustan which is really [edited…] is a worst kind of nation in the world. kashmir is a natural part of pakistan in blood,religion,geographic statics,culture. so India will admit in future that pakistan is an part of pakistan which can never isolate.

  21. extreme Made peoples=Army
    they save himself they destroy very thing except their territory, they kills women , children, old peoples ,young Teachers,reformers, Agriculture experts , students, they destroy food, water,ways schools shelters, they kill each other,they are not good, we need Guards,Docters,Enginees

  22. haha, open eyes,n mind n read carefuly n accept reality.,wot I,ve says,A beautiful country innocent peopl,e, but rulers r asshole,n thats infact true,but ur mind n heart is narrow enough .Ya,M from the poor state,where ur elders come to beg MLn.of $$ amounts. on name of country but infactr for them selves.these critical time is made by ur self.,not by any one else.about kashmir,thats ur and indian probs,not mine, n even not our.
    U r facing now n V faced it previouly n even now,as our brothers,n troops r fighting for our freedom and for flag of fathers in 2 different countries. but we n our leaders r standing holding hands each other’s to let us get out of such crises,Coz,V r one nation,one family, HAHA,U,ll wipe us?,instead ur half is wiped away by ur self n policies Dec.1971,Dont bring Godmreligion or race between talks n reality,God is every where,with each one.OK<U understand? n keep in mind,By ur own tacts,nature,policy,hypocrism,half has gone of u and remaining is running through the same,n ur leaders?haha they,ll fight?they n thier familes have already built business n home in our land,at such time n day,they,ll be first to fly from thier to here. hahah

  23. Stop blaming each other. We should think about solving the problem. I am a Pakistan, and I think that we should sit and solve each other matters. There is no doubt that indian is bigger and stronger, but now india has more responsibilities on it’s shoulder as they should acts as a responsible state. They should let Kashmiris make their own decision and they they should accept the United Nation resolution. I think Pakistan should take the step by backing from Siachin, as it is not productive, and waste or life. India gets more loss by staying at Siachen as they need more people to stay there and they pay 3 times of what Pakistan use for war on those mountains. A place with no natural resources. It is just a war of ego. There should be no more mujahiddin war in Kashmir by Pakistani help. Kashimirs should do peaceful strikes to reach out. They have lost the young generation to this Kashmir war and India need to accept one thing. It is not positive to think, that India will succeed in stopping Kashmiri Movement. United States is not able to control any nation it went to war with. Problems can only be solved with negotiations. We Pakistanis and Indians abuse each other over the internet and it is nothing but a waste of time. Both nations have lived together and now saying for Muslims to go back to Arab is nothing but lack of hisotry knowledge. Pakistanis are not arabic not persian. They have lived all their life in Indo-Pak.
    Lets grow up and be mature. I think, many in Pakistan and India, so agree on peaceful resolution but It is politicians and Military establishment, which is not able to accept the reality.

  24. SHIA MUSLIMS are the leaders & SHUNNI are forced to follow their Religion.

    SHUNNI are still forced to follow SHIA’s Religion.
    SHUNNI are those who were forced to follow ISLAM

  25. Not only SIACHEN,but Pakistan is also part of INDIA.
    If INDIA also have followed voilance & fraud like PAKISTAN.
    Then Azad Kashmir people would not be suffering.

    & I would vote for FREE BALOCHISTAN…..

    Baloch are brave people & they should me a nation.

  26. Uncivilized and illiterate citizen like Vikramjit Singh are available at the both sides of the border. But a majority of either side wants peace and stability in both countries. The main cause of not progressing is the conflict between both neighborer. Both side must settle their disputes peacefully. Don’t give importance to such stupid people like Vikramjit Singh.

  27. Look at your history [edited…]indians, we ruled over you for 1000 years and we will rule over you again…You dont have ANY moral grounds to talk against muslims…just wait and see how u’ll become a SANDWICH soon hahaha 🙂

  28. First of all u r not supposed to abuse a nation because it shows ur attitude that u r not being well grown up in the sad poor state or nation,2nd brother this nation will rise upto the mark as we have been the real players in the region,3rd a day will come when u wil see that even United Nation will seek its approval of the policies regarding the world affairs,mind it O’hkara,4th we people have the blessing of God as we are passing through the most critical times in the history as we are nw facing more than dozen of crises whch ur nation state or country cant face at a time.we are still surviving.and i bet o’hkara that f the same situation or a bunch of crises are put into ur state ur history identity name nation everything will be wiped away from the map of the world.remeber dont mess with Pakistan AS if u will mess with the God and u wil face brunt of it,.see what hapens u r not going to wait for it.bet it and mind it

  29. siachen belongs to india..infact the whole of pakistan belongs to india..[edited…]

  30. “It seems like hearing to a big joke or myth, when Pakistan army and Pakistan media keep on talking abt fighting in Siachen, Siachen and Siachen. The reality is that its military can not even get a glimpse of the Siachen glacier. The gates to the Siachen glacier was effectively closed and there has never been a Pakistani presence on any part of the glacier since 1984. The nearest pakistani petrol or post in the area has never been less then 13-16 km from the Siachen glacier. The India army is sitting on the dominating heights on the Saltoro ridge that separates the massive Siachen glacier from rest of the small glacier to the south west. With battery of 150 mm Bofors FH-77B howitzers having a range of 45 kms stationed on these heights, it is just not feasible for Pakistan army come even close to the Indian positions.
    Today Indian army has not only consolidated their hold on the Saltoro from where they can not be dislodged, but have developed a logistics and training infrastructure to remain their indefinitely.
    No matter how long we fight and whatever the imposing costs on us, the fact is this is our land and a portion of our nation-state, and we will not cede it”.

  31. Mr Choudhury,
    Cricket is a game where any team can beat the other on a given day.To attribute political motives to a victory is absurd.You also seem to think that Bangladesh achieved independence without any help from India.Operation Searchlight by the Pakistan army killed thousands of your citizens.Over one and half million refugees entered India for safety.They were cared for by India. Citizens of India had a surcharge tax on every service to generate money for the welfare of the refugees.If India had not interfered more people of Bangladesh would have died.Your military officers and soldiers were disarmed and imprisioned by by the Pakistan army.Has Pakistan ever apoligised for killing so many Bangladeshis.If Mukti Bahini were not provide safe haven and training in India,your independence movement would have been over .The Pakistani army surrendered to India with good reason.Mukti Bahini was not a recognised army and if the Pak soldiers were in their hands ,they would have been killed in revenge.I wont deny that the Mukhti Bahini helped the Indian army a lot ,as they knew the terrain well.The reality has already dawned on India , people like you are not in the least grateful for what India has done for your country

  32. But on this Glacier i can just says to both countries,India or pakistan,please,caccuate such place,where have no use.just for one small mount,why killing and paralizing your soldiers,and further more is why spending huge amolunt for nonliving thing n place,instead this huge money can utilize for different compnies,busiensses,and much more for own people
    dispite this,the soldiers of both sideboth countries, who r thier,also r human,do have failies,parents,sisters,briothers,wives and kids,while they die or paralize at that useless point.what are the feelings of that soldier and thier family on spot.So,I can just request.Please India and Pakistan,leave that useless place and live with each other as best friends,in love and peace

  33. [edited…]beautiful country and A innocent nation ruled by [edited…] Politicians n leaders,The leaders and politicians,who earn from nations,not for people,to provide all the facilities or low cost living things but only to thier own families.this is the only country in world.where if wanna be Minister or president,person must have wide criminal record.and must have nature as double agents .where the criminals are ruling the country and protacting the white colar gulities.where the(Police) guards and security of people kidnap or rapes thier own weak girls or people In this country law is only for poor person,and criminal government is rewarding and high ranking in law enforcement department to protact and save thier family members if nominated in crimes,Law afainst law.thats the moto of this country’s government.The Nation of this country may be simple,innocent ,fool or idiot,who dotn have any kind of thier own thoughts or thinks,This ass hole government and army forces used the innocent civilians to fight for freedom against USSR and India,,they fought till last blood,they were and are fool people,,and after achieved thier goal,The same government labeled those freedom fighter as terrorists n now killing them as Hitler did.,Fuk such government, and armed forces,who r killing thier own nation to make happy and protacting others,for this government is small thing to kill thier own people or sale thier nation or secrets just to have the posts and facilities for thier families in Europe or any foreign country,and about Protact borders.who;s foreign minister and general removed thier pants to enter in UK,and show thier fat ass. haha,Your force and your government cant protact it,its example, your own allies kills your 24 protactors in midnight Opt.
    Your EX Commando general,+sheep President a saler of nation,country,secrets is great Example.and soon current Government is same too,who gives secrets to others ,get a tax from Nation,but given them unemployment,genocide,suicide,High tax,NO electicity or gasoline.
    but much more to thier familes in side country and in foreign too,This Nation is really fool,knowing them what they,ll get ,again voting them.FUK Off

  34. [edited…].. i salute to pakistani forces as they are ready anytime to give there lifes in sake of our nation… no one can beat us… we are peace lover but if anyone try to attack our freedom we will hit them hard [edited…]…. PAKISTAN ZINDABADddd

  35. What is with the world’s media talk so negatively about Pakistan.

    “What is the guarantee that some future Pakistani general/president will not re-occupy Siachen with ‘freedom fighters’?”

    What do they mean here, “freedom fighters”? If need be we have well equipped and trained military to protect the sovereignty of our beloved country.

  36. Assalam-u-alaikum,
    Mujy ye sunkar buhut duk aur afsoos howa k hamary bahadur jawano k sath hadisa howa hy. Aghar zinda ho to Allah unko Sahki salamat raky aur agar SHAHEED ho choky ho to ALLAH sub ko JANATUL FIRDOUS naseeb kary. Ameen.


  38. how could people defend this sort of terrorism by indians , they have done this so many times, cross border terrorism in this region is started by india only. they did this in 1965, 1971 and siachen , balochistan etc

  39. Hello everybody,
    Everybody wants to live in peace. This raid by India several years ago has cost both countries.
    India should retreat, because Siachen is part of Pakistan as everybody knows and as written in the article and everywhere else.Pakistan and India can live as happy neighbours then on. My prayers are for justice.

  40. Allow the battle of nerves to settle down and take care of your families instead of fighting like this for nothing. Permanent sleep is not too far away and nobody knows and no one has ever informed any one of us where we gonna be….think over it and send your hatred mail if you wish.

  41. Dear sir
    Have a good day
    We request all concerned not to fight for the sake of nonlivings……Human life is more precious,so let’s enjoy with each other…
    Er Hemant

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Siachen Glacier: Pristine beauty, and the war at the top of the world