The Siachen GlacierThe roots of the conflict over Siachen (the place of roses) lie in the non-demarcations on the western side on the map beyond NJ9842. The 1949 Karachi agreement and the 1972 Simla agreement presumed that it was not feasible for human habitation to survive north of NJ9842. Piror to 1984 neither India nor Pakistan had any permanent presence in the area.

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Time Magazine: War at the Top of the World

Siachen Area Kashmir Map

  • In spite of the severe climate, the word `Siachen` ironically means `the place of wild roses`.
  • The glacier is the highest battleground on Earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since 1984.
  • Siachen is the world’s largest non-polar glacier, and thus is sometimes referred to as the third pole.

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S i a c h e n

G l a c i e r

is located in the East Karakoram/Himalaya, at approximately 35.5° N 76.9° E. It is one of the five largest glaciers in the Karakoram, situated at an average altitude of 5,400 meters (~17,700 feet) above sea level. Most of the Siachen Glacier as is the LoC, a hotly contested territory between Pakistan and India.The Siachen glacier lies South of the great watershed that separates Central Asia from the Indian subcontinent, and Pakistan from China in this region. The 78 km long Siachen glacier lies between the Saltoro ridge line to the west and the main Karakoram range to the east. The Saltoro ridge originates from the Sia Kangri peak in the Karakoram range and the altitudes range from 5500 to 7300 m (18,000 to 24,000 feet). The major passes on this ridge are Sia La at 6100 m (20,000 ft) and Bila Fond La at 5800 m (19,000 ft).Understand Kashmir through these books | Siachen Glacier Satellite Image

War at the Top of the WorldThawing relations between India and Pakistan have brought a cease-fire to the strife-torn Siachen Glacier.Will hostilities remain on ice?

What is the guarantee that some future Pakistani general/president will not re-occupy Siachen with ‘freedom fighters’? And a future Indian government will not ask the armed forces to take back the Soltoro ridge?

Conflict Zone

The glacier is located in the disputed Kashmir region and is claimed by India and Pakistan. In spite of the severe climate, the word `Siachen` ironically means `the place of wild roses`, a reference some people attribute to the abundance of Himalayan wildflowers found in the valleys below the glacier, but specifically refers to the thorny wild plants which grow on the rocky outcrops. The glacier is also the highest battleground on Earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since 1984. Both countries maintain permanent military personnel on the glacier at a height of over 7,000 metres. The site is a prime example of mountain warfare. The glacier`s melting waters are the main source of the Nubra River, which falls into the Shyok River. The Shyok in turn joins the Indus River, crucial to both India and Pakistan.The roots of the conflict over Siachen lie in the non-demarcation of the cease-fire line on the map beyond a map coordinate known as NJ9842. The 1949 Karachi agreement and the 1972 Simla Agreement presumed that it was not feasible for human habitation to survive north of NJ9842. Prior to 1984 neither India nor Pakistan had any permanent presence in the area.
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In the 1970s and early 1980s Pakistan permitted several mountaineering expeditions to climb high peaks on this glacier. This was to reinforce their claim on the area as these expeditions arrived on the glacier with a permit obtained from the Government of Pakistan. Once having become aware of this in about 1978, Colonel N. Kumar of the Indian Army mounted an Army expedition to Teram Kangri peaks as a counter-exercise. The first public mention of a possible conflict situation was an article by Joydeep Sircar in The Telegraph newspaper of Calcutta in 1982, reprinted as “Oropolitics” in the Alpine Journal, London,in 1984. India launched Operation Meghdoot (named after the divine cloud messenger in a Sanskrit play) on 13 April 1984 when the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force went into the Glacier. Pakistan, which had also gotten wind of it quickly responded with troop deployments and what followed was literally a race to the top. Within a few days, the Indians were in control over most of the glacier as Pakistan were beaten by just a week. The two passes due to Indian military pre-emption – Sia La and Bilfond La were secured by India while the Gyong La pass remained under Pakistan control. Since then both sides have launched several attempts to displace each others forces, but with little success.

Current situation

The Indian Army controls a few of the top-most heights, holding on to the tactical advantage of high ground, however with Pakistani forces in control of Gyong La pass, Indian access to K-2 and other surrounding peaks has been blocked effectively and mountaineering expeditions to these peaks continue to go through with the approval of the Government of Pakistan. The situation is as such that Pakistanis cannot get up to the glacier, while the Indians cannot come down. Presently India holds two-thirds of the glacier and commands two of the three passes including the highest motorable pass – Khardungla Pass. Pakistan controls Gyong La pass that overlooks the Shyok and Nubra river Valley and India`s access to Leh district. The battle zone comprised an inverted triangle resting on NJ 9842 with Indira Col and the Karakoram Highway as the other two extremities. Every year more soldiers are killed because of severe weather than enemy firing. The two sides have lost close to 4,000 personnel primarily due to frostbites, avalanches and other complications. Both nations have 150 manned mirroring outposts along the glacier, with some 3,000 troops each. Official figures for maintaining these outposts are put at ~$300 and ~$100 million for India and Pakistan respectively. The Indians rely on helicopters made indigenously, which are probably the only choppers that can reach such heights, whereas Pakistan has simplified the logistical nightmare by building roads and paths to all of its positions across the glacier. India has also built the world`s highest helipad on this glacier at a place called Sonam, which is 21,000 feet above the sea level, to serve the area and ensure that her troops are kept supplied via helicopter support (adding to considerable cost).During her tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms Benazir Bhutto, visited Gyong La pass making her the first premier from either side to vist the glacier. On June 12, 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the glacier calling for a peaceful resolution of the problem. In the previous year, the President of India, Abdul Kalam became the first head of state to visit the area. India based Jet Airways plans to open a chartered service to the glacier`s nearest airlink, the Thoise airbase, mainly to fly the soldiers. Pakistan`s PIA flies tourists and trekkers daily to Skardu, which is the jumping off point for K2, although bad weather frequently grounds these scheduled flights.The glacier`s melting waters are the source of the river Indus, a vital water source for both India and Pakistan. Global warming has had its worst impact here in the Himalayas with the Glacier melting at an unprecedented rate.On average, one Pakistani soldier is killed every fourth day, while one Indian soldier is killed every other day. Over 1,300 Pakistani soldiers have died on Siachen between 1984 and 1999. According to Indian estimates, this operation had cost India over Rs. 50 billion and almost 2,000 personnel casualties till 1997. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions.

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  6. India is 3.5 times bigger in size, 8 times bigger in population, 5 times bigger in the economy, 4 times bigger in military strength, so you should be praising Pakistan how that small country in every fighting on all its fronts.

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  10. This fight between the two countries is all about River/Fresh water. It has nothing to do with religion or land but politicians from both sides use this as a tool to create hatred between the citizens of both the counties. Also, this cunning dispute was created by none but British.

  11. Sicahin I know more about it by this cortical. My younger brother Captain Nilesh Soni from 62, Field Regiment sacrifices hi life at Siachin in Operation Meghdoot on forward Post at height 5753 meters ( 18875 feet) with his 11 Soildres. When I think about my brother how he lives in Saichin in -55 degree centigrade and my mind totally become Blank.Tears comes our when w eremeber him this days after spell of 30 years he passed away form us.Both Govt must think about Saichin area as many Army personals lost their life due to very bad weathers of Siachin. Peoples dint know actual position who family of Martyr how they live after they lost their either son, Husband, brothers, PaPa in defense of Nation.. JAgdish Soni brother OF Capt Nielsh SOni..09924632129

  12. Where could I get the contact details of Senior Personnels Indian Army who have served at Sachin Glaciers

  13. We must stop fighting at Siachen. It is technically very difficult to carry heavy weapons at Siachen, so the question of real national threat do not arise much. Secondly, if some one tries to launch any missile from that point then it is actually calling doom/suicide of their own. The complete glacier will collapse due the huge sound produced during the launch. Those who lives in a plain land have no idea how the world behaves on the mountains. So, instead of speculating things, we must see how can we save the precious lives of the soldiers. There is only political gain instead of nation’s gain.


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    Siachan ia a source of water for Pak, India is using its resources to protect it,pak is protecting its borders there, right?

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    India isn’t great rather a war criminal like Israel

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  24. World community encourage the govts to make this place a peace zone.why INDIA and PAKISTAN posse.s siachin for long time. United Nation.s to stop t
    these countris in the matter of militarisig .So it is high time to do this effort.

  25. Lance Naik Koppad, Mahesh P.N. & Nagesh died on February 3– we salute and other 6 soldiers

  26. Kashmir’s king raaja Hari Singh gave it to India by signing the legal documents. That’s why we claim in UN that it’s ours. India never started the war first with Pakistan. War of 65 and kargil was fought because they tried to enter in our territory. And 71 was fought because Bangladeshis were fed up of the brutal Pakistani regime there.
    So, I don’t think it’s wrong to say that Pakistan has misguided it’s citizens by saying that India is illegally claiming its right over Kashmir, but the real fact is still hidden long back in the pages of history in Pakistan, which they will never try to reveal in order to protect their faded image.

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  30. Lance Naik Koppad died today – we salute and other nine soldiers buried by an avalanche on Siachen on February 3!

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  32. Hi Guys,
    Wanna give one clarification here. The GREAT INDIAN ARMY people who are fighting for their lives AT SIACHIN BORDER every second that is to make the 1250000000 crore Indians to live happily.

    If the SIACHIN(Highest War Field of the World) takes control by any of the countries neither it be PAKISTAN or CHINA. We cant imagine the situation.

    The elevation point can view some miles of miles of distance and they can launch any sought of WEAPON or WAR HEAD it would destroy and cant think how much area the army of PAKISTAN or CHINA can occupy in Kashmir.

    Its not sourgth os spending money at a piece of ICE my dear friends.

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