19 thoughts on “Video – Indian Army in Siachen”

  1. these are the Real superherose . i salute them JAI HIND BHARAT MATA KI JAY………..if i get chance i will definately join these herose

  2. Helloooo my brothers your the best in the world bcz your the great indian soldier. . .I Want to join with you. . . MUNEER .N.Y

  3. I have served at bilafond la pass from 14 jun 2010 to 15 oct 2010. it was a great experience for me and a adventure too. watching from a distance it was a heaven but for living there is just like a hell. a civilian is not allowed there only defence can do the job i am a serving soldier of indian army. my wishes to the soldiers who are going there in the future “BEST OF LUCK MY BROTHERS”.

  4. want to know the life style of defence personnel in siachen of india. well i am a serving soldier of indian army.

  5. Mera Bharat mahan. Bharat basio aur Bharat ke rakshako dikhado dushmano ko ke hum mahan hai pura brahmand mein.

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